Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Arms
Senior Minister - Reverend Chad Delaney
Associate Pastor - Pastor Len Malotte
Church Secretary - Sandi Kossick

4118 State Route 82
, P.O. Box 550, Mantua, OH 44255
(330) 274-8258

Statement of Calling & Ministry Plan

We are Seekers, Followers, and Believers, committed to living and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

  • We will continue to support the Camp Christian youth programs, and will seek ways to encourage and expand the participation of our youth. 
  • We will explore the viability of adding a regular and informal weekday or evening worship service or Bible Study. 
  • We will seek to balance our worship traditions with variety and diversity.

We are a vibrant congregation, built on a rich heritage with an exciting future of serving as witnesses to The Gospel. 

  • We will create a fully functioning website by the end of 2008.
  • We will pursue a historical marker for Mantua Center. 
  • We will make available to all visitors a brochure on the history of MCCC and The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
  • We will create a committee to review and revise (as necessary) our Statement of Calling every five years.
  • We will create a committee in 2008 to review and propose possible changes in our Constitution and By-Laws. 

We proclaim Christian hope, love, tolerance and inclusion, promoting intellectual inquiry and accepting diversity of interpretation and individual beliefs. 

  • We will sponsor (at least twice per year) learning opportunities in the form of spiritual life journeys, Bible studies, and retreats.
  • Our Christian Education Department, with the support and encouragement of the pastor, will value and seek diversity over orthodoxy in its curriculum.
  • We will renew our efforts to energize and seek greater participation on our Sunday School through more activities, additional classes, etc. 
  • We will continue to pursue more collaborative efforts with Hilltop Christian Church and Hiram Christian Church, particularly as it relates to youth programs. 

We believe in open communion – for it is Jesus who invites us to the table, and all may partake of the elements as their faith allows. 

  • We will share the message of open Communion to all those who worship with us, and clearly state the importance and unique place that the sacraments have in The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). 
  • This will take the form of informational packets that we will make available to all visitors, and will be reinforced in the invitation to celebrate communion. 

We are faithful servants of God, called to ease the pain, loneliness, and suffering of others in our community and our world. 

  • We reaffirm our commitment to supporting the work of the 4-C’s, Loaves & Fishes Community Meal, Over-The-Hill-Gang Dinners, and other outreach programs. 
  • Following the success of the Katrina Relief mission trip, we will seek and support additional opportunities for annual mission trips. 
  • We will expand our programs to offer comfort to those in need through prayer vigils, prayer shawls, hospital visits, providing meals, etc. 
  • In conjuncture with the Elders Shepherding program, we will offer direct and referral assistance to members of our congregation and community, in the spirit of committing “random acts of kindness.” 

We seek a joyful experience in following The Gospel by enjoying fun and fellowship with one another. 

  • In all parts of our fellowship with one another, from worship and Sunday School, to potluck dinners, ball games, youth activities, and golf outings, we like to laugh – it is an important part of our character as a congregation. 

August 2007

Pre-Vision / Steering Committee The GO Team The Expanded GO Team The GO 4th Team
Fall 2006 Winter / Spring 2007 Summer 2007 Fall 2007
Develop plan to establish congregational vision and timeline, recruit members to serve on committees Survey congregation, interpret results, and develop a Statement of Calling Use congregational feedback and Statement of Calling to draft a Ministry Plan Survey congregation on who they believe God is calling to MCCC as a pastor, interview, discern & recommend top candidate
Houston Bowers Carol Srajer Mike Howard Nora Brant
Jay Schabel Ann Weldy Marie Stehli Len Malotte
Brian Hurd Tom Gerez Karla Collins Jay Schabel
Len Malotte Diane Kinter Chris Gerez Randy Alger
Steve Hurd Peggy Painley Brian Hurd
Cal Brant Don Baird
Ellie Monroe Chris Gerez
Parker Schabel Laurie Metzko
Phil Derthick Steve Hurd
Paul Magyarics Paul Magyarics
Steve Hurd Mike Howard
Tom Gerez Carol Srajer
Toby Gerez
Laurie Metzko
Carol Srajer
Diane Kinter


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