Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Arms
Senior Minister - Reverend Chad Delaney
Associate Pastor - Pastor Len Malotte
Church Secretary - Sandi Kossick

4118 State Route 82
, P.O. Box 550, Mantua, OH 44255
(330) 274-8258


Outreach Ministry Team

God put us here to serve one another, including those beyond our own walls. The Outreach team is here to encourage and support MCCC’s reaching out to the broader community in keeping with the core values of the congregation and Disciples of Christ.

Ø Responsible for coordinating all outreach ministries. 
Ø Support the existing outreach ministries, encouraging and celebrating their success.
Ø Enable new outreach initiatives, while exploring and listening to the community for additional or more impactful outreach opportunities.
Ø Educating the congregation about denomination and community outreach programs and needs.
Ø Consists of the Outreach Committee, women’s/men’s ministries, Stewardship and Scholarship Committees.
Ø Facilitated by team co-leaders. 
Worship & Education Ministry Team

To encourage and facilitate connection with God and one another through worship, knowledge, scripture and dialog moving people to grow in their faith and apply it to their everyday lives.
Ø Focused on worship experiences that challenge, uplift and transform us as Christians in our individual and collective faith journeys. 
Ø Responsible for developing and promoting Christian education opportunities for the entire congregation from children to adults through teaching, study, special programs and participative outreach. 
Ø Encourage ones spiritual journey, helping to discover, acknowledge, & refine one’s gifts for ministry.
Ø This ministry team consists of the Worship Committee, Christian Education, Vocal & Bell Choirs, Special Music, Youth Programs, the Nursery, the Library and special programs developed by the Minister & Elders.
Ø Facilitated by team co-leaders and the Pastor.
Community Ministry Team

The aim of the Community Ministry Team is to Share The Good News - about our faith, our missions, our worship, and what MCCC has to offer those seeking a faith community. Our purpose is to create community . . . with God, with one another, and with the world around us. 
Ø Focused on increasing the engagement of the existing worshippers and those searching for involvement opportunities in the ministries of the church.
Ø Communicating to the congregation, the greater community and the world the spirit of Mantua Center Christian Church in a manner that welcomes all who seek to come to the table and become a part of our church family, and the greater body of Christ. 
Ø This will combine the resources of the Membership Committee with those possessing skills in different forms of communications media (web, e-mail, printed material, etc.) and creative talents. 
Ø Facilitated by team co-leaders.
Shepherding Ministry Team
The shepherding ministry focuses on the Lord's Table where the congregation is brought into Christ's presence by the Elders for spiritual direction. Charged with promoting the growth and welfare of the church, the Elders seek to follow Christ's teachings in setting church policy and strive to provide spiritual leadership and support by creating an atmosphere of worship and Christian fellowship. 

Ø Focused on care for the congregation.
Ø Serving and supporting worship and teaching, providing spiritual leadership. 
Ø Partner with the pastor in shepherding the congregation.
Ø This ministry extends beyond scheduled worship services through visitation and taking Ø Ø communion to shut-ins upon request. 
Ø The elders are assisted in creating a worshipful atmosphere by the acolytes and diaconate. 
Ø Facilitated by the Elder Chair
Center Support Ministry Team

The Center Support team is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the tangible and intangible assets of the church. We will seek and facilitate opportunities to grow this and other ministries at MCCC. We will provide support to all ministry teams.
Ø This ministry team includes : the Church and Board Secretary (combined position), the Trustees,
The Treasurers, Custodians, Historian/Clerk and the Event Coordination Group. 
Ø Facilitated by the Board Vice Chair. 

* The Ministry Teams’ work will be coordinated through the Church Board, convened by the Board Chair with representation from each Ministry Team. The Board will ensure our efforts are focused on supporting our Statement of Calling and Ministry Plan. The Board will be charged to think and act strategically, and be in constant prayerful discernment about the direction, needs and focus of our calling at Mantua Center Christian Church.


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